Dock Levelers

When it comes to loading docks, Atlanta Entry Systems provides a complete range of services, products and accessories to keep your warehouse performing at the highest level. Atlanta Entry Systems supplies a complete array of hydraulic dock levelers from all of the most trusted manufacturers. Improve your loading dock equipment by adopting the latest in industrial and safety design standards. Atlanta Entry Systems suplies an assortment of dock leveler options, including:


Made for high capacity conditions, hydraulic levelers are workhorses that can withstand many years of steady lift truck and pallet truck use. These types of units are a safe, efficient, high speed option for commercial dock levelers. Hydraulic levelers are the most widely used equipment in high-volume customer environments that turn several trucks per dock each day. Although they cost more than other leveler options in the beginning, repair and maintenance work expenditures will generally be quite a bit lower than other options over the life of the equipment.


Mechanical dock leveler systems are hand controlled, so they don’t afford the equivalent efficiency and safety protection of a hydraulic system. These products depend on a spring mechanism as opposed to hydraulic action. They’re simple to control and fairly durable, but they do need quite a bit of maintenance.

Air Powered

Air controlled dock levelers allow customers a “middle of the road” option, more dependable than mechanical products and less expensive than hydraulic options. They use an inflatable air bladder that lifts and lowers the deck surface. The bag is raised or lowered at the flip of a switch. These setups are not as efficient as hydraulic alternatives, but are perfect for severe conditions like freezing weather and corrosive chemicals. While maintenance is not expensive, renewing worn-out air bags can be costly.

Edge of Dock

Edge of dock levelers are stand-alone devices affixed to the top of the vertical dock face on the outside of the door. Although they offer a smaller plate travel range than pit levelers, they do allow easy installation and less expense. They are a suitable and safe choice if there is minimal variability in vehicle/trailer height.

Dock Leveler Installation

Replacement: if you need to modernize your dock levelers, Atlanta Entry Systems has a full catalog of modular equipment options and parts, along with pit-kits designed for whatever category of levelers you choose. We also offer full service on site removal and replacement of your existing dock levelers. New Construction: for new building projects, Atlanta Entry Systems can help with loading dock design and product selection for your new location. We can also direct pit construction and equipment installation at your site. Also inquire about doors, storage systems, conveyors and accessories!

Dock Equipment Service

Scheduled maintenance is important for the safety and continuing operation of your loading dock. Atlanta Entry Systems has a team of highly trained technicians prepared to provide assistance with any maintenance assignments that emerge. In addition, we offer emergency repair service and on-call help if you have an urgent industrial door or leveler issue.